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Cold Smoked Salmon

Salmon from Scourie on the west coast of Sutherland are carefully selected and prepared before being lightly smoked over oak dust and the shavings of whisky…
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£35.00 / Kg
Fine Food Guild 2013 - 1 star

Kiln Roasted Smoked Salmon

Prepared in the same way as our cold smoked salmon before being returned to the kiln to be cooked and smoked at a higher temperature  to become flaky and…
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£38.00 / Kg

Smoked Salmon Trimmings

The trimmings of cold smoked salmon are vacuum packed and labelled. These are very popular with cooks and chefs for enhancing scrambled eggs, kedgeree and…
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£24.00 / Kg

Smoked Haddock

Fresh Haddock landed at the port of Scrabster, which is just along the coast from our smokehouse, is carefully selected by our buyer for Caithness Smokehouse.…
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£19.00 / Kg
Fine Food Guild 2012 - 2 stars

Kiln Roasted Trout Fillets

Smoked and kiln roasted rainbow trout - delicate subtle flavour, an alternative to smoked salmon which also makes a delicious paté. 2 fillets in a…
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£31.00 / Kg

Smoked Scallops

Hand dived Scallops delicately smoked to create a new and exciting variation of this traditional dish. Note the Scallops will still need to be cooked. Try them…
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£1.50 / £60.00 / Kilo A pack of 4 would be about £8.00 - £9.00

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